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***Longer processing times***

Due to the large number of translations for migrated websites, there are longer processing times. We cannot commit to fixed deadlines.

Translations for the Web Relaunch

All TU Berlin units can submit texts for their new website to TU Berlin Translation Services. To request a translation for your new website, please follow the steps below:

  • Once you have completed editing the German texts and they are ready to be translated, send a short email to Translation Services (uebersetzung(at) You will then receive access to a folder in the tubCloud.
  • Export the texts from TYPO3 using the l10n manager as demonstrated in the TYPO3 training you attended. Please do not change the default name of the XML files. You can also find detailed instructions on how to export and import web content in the TYPO3 manual.
  • As the l10n manager does not export photo captions, we ask that you create a separate Word document for any photo captions for the relevant pages.
  • Next, create a subfolder in the tubCloud folder sent to you by Translation Services. Name the subfolder as follows: Date_Lastname_Firstname (e.g. 02122020_Mustermann_Max). Now upload the XML files (and any Word files with photo captions) to the subfolder.
  • After doing so, send an email to inform Translation Services that your files have been uploaded. In your email, please be sure to include a list with the file name and corresponding title of each new web page (as a Word or Excel file). Please only upload files for pages which have current information or are especially relevant. This allows us to more efficiently provide useful translations for all organizational units.
  • Once your translations are complete, Translation Services will upload the translated XML files to your respective subfolder in the Cloud and inform you by email.
  • You can now import these XML files to TYPO3 and publish the English texts.

As this is a special additional service, Translation Services cannot guarantee to complete your translations by a specific deadline.

Please contact Translation Services with any questions you may have.

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