International Affairs

Traveling to Cooperation Partners

To help develop new cooperations and strengthen existing ties, you as a professor can apply for grants to cover your travel expenses to partner universities.

For such travel, it is customary for the partner to cover the expenses of your stay. We therefore recommend you contact your cooperation partner to find out more. 

Please submit your application to the person within the Department of International Affairs responsible for your partner country. You can find details regarding contact persons in the link box.

Please note that we are unable to fund your participation in conferences and congresses.

However, under certain conditions funding is available from the DAAD for conference and lecture trips. More detailed information can be found in the DAAD Scholarship Database.

What is funded?

The following are eligible for funding:

  • Travel costs for TU professors and, in exceptional cases, research associates to international cooperation partners with the objective of developing/expanding a cooperation
  • 2nd class train tickets or economy tickets for flights

In principle, it is possible to apply for travel assistance for every country where a cooperation exists or where there are plans to develop a cooperation. To support TU Berlin's internationalization strategy, we particularly welcome applications that seek to develop cooperations with our strategic partners (TU Warsaw, Politecnico di Milano, NTNU Trondheim, TU Wien and the UTS in Sydney).

Please note that we are unable to fund your participation in conferences and congresses.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are welcome from professors at TU Berlin.

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form for funding, and sign and return via interoffice mail or email to International Scientific Cooperation or International Projects.

Your application should address the following issues:

  • What specific measures will be conducted and with what aim?
  • How exactly do your academic chair and TU Berlin as a whole benefit from your stay abroad?

You will be informed of our decision by email once we have reviewed your application.

Applying for official travel and refunding travel costs

If your project is approved, please send us your application for official travel before your departure so that we can note that your costs will be covered. As we only assume the cost of transportation, you should also check with your faculty administration whether other costs (including a per diem) can be reimbursed from faculty funds. The relevant account should be provided and approved in your application.

After your return, please send us your travel expense report including original receipts. Once we have checked your report, we will forward it to the Travel Expense Office for reimbursement.


Once your cooperation has ended, please email us a brief report addressing the following points:

  • What measures were conducted and with what aim?
  • Were the expected outcomes for your stay achieved? With what result?
  • How exactly do your academic chair and TU Berlin as a whole benefit from your stay abroad?
  • How would you assess the quality of the partnership and future prospects

Further funding options

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Inviting Guests

Upon application, the Department of International Affairs provides grants for visiting scholars and other guests. Read further for details about how to apply as well as the conditions for funding and the sums available.

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Study Trips

Find out about options for funding study trips via PROMOS and DAAD scholarships.