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Funding Opportunities

The following provides an overview of permanent funding offers at TU Berlin for international research and cooperation projects. These include both TU Berlin internal funding programs and external programs, for which we can provide advice. This overview is not exhaustive.

Information about funding for international students can be found under Students.

Funding offers at International Affairs

Traveling to cooperation partners

To help develop new cooperations and strengthen existing ties, you as a professor can apply for grants to cover your travel expenses to partner universities.

Further details are available via the following link: Traveling to Cooperation Partners

Inviting guests

Professors interested in inviting international guests to Technische Universität Berlin can find information about suitable funding options, daily and monthly flat rate payments for living expenses, and details about how to apply via the following link: Inviting Guests.

Seed funding for cooperation with partners in the Global South

Researchers looking to initiate new projects with their partners in the Global South can apply to us for seed funding.

You can find further information about how to apply via the following link: Seed Funding for Cooperation with Partners in the Global South

Erasmus+ cooperation projects

The Erasmus+ program offers a range of funding lines for supporting international cooperation projects. You can find information about these funding lines as well as application procedures at TU Berlin via the following link: Erasmus+ Cooperation Projects

Erasmus+ mobility funding

Erasmus+ funds mobility for students (bachelor's, master's, PhD) and staff to support international collaboration in higher education. There are two funding lines supporting mobility with program countries (KA 131) and mobility with partner countries (KA 171). Program countries include the EU members states as well as the associated countries Iceland, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, and Turkey. Partner countries refers to all other non-EU countries.

Further details are available via the following links: Erasmus+ Mobility with Program Countries (KA131) and Erasmus+ Mobility with Partner Countries (KA 171)

PROMOS: Funding of study trips by the DAAD

Applications are open to TU Berlin professors who are planning and carrying out a study trip.

Goals of the PROMOS program:

The PROMOS program aims at increasing student mobility by providing scholarships for short study trips abroad. It is intended to offer students the opportunity to spend time abroad at destinations otherwise not eligible for funding in any of the TU Berlin's existing exchange or dual degree programs.

The Office for International Scientific Cooperation only supervises study trips. For other elements of the PROMOS-Program, such as funding for short-term scholarships, semester scholarships and language courses, please contact the Department of Student Mobility and International Students . For funding of internships, please contact the Career Service of TU Berlin.

Scholarship amount

PROMOS funds for study trips can be used to support participating students as well as one lecturer per study trip. The PROMOS grant is paid for a maximum of 12 days and amounts to 30,- € per person/day for EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, and 45,- € for all other countries. Other funding elements, such as Travel allowances, are not available.

A selection committee decides on the awarding of the scholarships on the basis of the application documents submitted. A decision can be expected no later than six weeks after the application deadline.

Application requirements/criteria:

  •     Teaching of subject-related knowledge
  •     Opportunities to meet with foreign students and scientists
  •     Consideration of aspects of regional studies
  •     no trip with a predominantly touristic program
  •     The trip must be carried out in 2022. It is also possible to apply for funding for study trips already carried out in 2022

Funding can only be provided if there is no travel warning issued by the German Foreign Office (German only) for the region in question.

The complete application documents must be received by the Office of International Scientific Cooperation by the application deadline.

Application documents to be submitted

  •     detailed program description including time schedule
  •     if possible, letter of invitation from the foreign university
  •     List of participants (number incl. one supervisor, names if already known)
  •     description of the preparation of the participants
  •     Financing plan according to the above guidelines

If more applications are received than PROMOS funds are available, a selection committee will decide on the applications.

The application deadline for 2022 is August 14, 2022. Please send you application to info(at)

We ask for your understanding that funding will only be possible if the worldwide health situation allows general travel.


SPRINT - TU Berlin FAPESP cooperation initiation program (Brazil)

Members of TU Berlin may apply for mobility and cooperation initiation funds together with researchers from the state of São Paulo within the framework of the SPRINT funding program. The call is open to researchers from all disciplines. The only requirement is that the Brazilian partners must already be funded by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation). Approved projects will be funded by TU Berlin and FAPESP with 10,000 € (5,000 EUR each) over a period of twelve months.

More info on the SPRINT 2022 website.




The University of Oxford has a partnership with the four member institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). Innovative scientific cooperation in the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and STEM subjects are funded at institutional level within this partnership.

You can find further information on the website of the BUA: Oxford-Berlin Research Partnership

Mel-Ber Partnership Call

Funding is available for selected research partnerships to support cooperation between the University of Melbourne and members of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).

You can find information about current calls and how to apply via the following link: MEL-BER Partnership

Chorafas Prize

The Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation annually awards international prizes to doctoral candidates for outstanding research work.

You can find further information about how to apply as well as deadlines via the following link: Chorafas Prize

Bench fees

Bench fees can be used to cover certain costs of the hosting academic chair (e.g. for teaching, research, books, office supplies, phone etc.).

A single payment of 51 euros is paid for each month a visiting scholar completes at TU Berlin.

Please note that no funding is available to finance stays for students and doctoral candidates.
It is also not possible to receive a payment if you are already receiving similar funding from another institution such as the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

If you wish to apply, please provide us with the following information:

- Title and name of your visiting scholar

- Home university including country and city

- Length of stay

- Cost center for transferring payments

Contact: Annika Röpke


Current Calls (internal + external)

Current Calls

Here you can find a list of current calls including selected third party funding.