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The Preparatory School at Technische Universität Berlin prepares international students who do not qualify for direct university entrance in Germany to study in a degree program here. The preparatory course lasts two semesters and is completed by taking the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) at the end of the second semester. The Preparatory School was founded in 1961 with a focus on technology subjects. This was extended in 2005 to also include economics. Each year we prepare some 300 international students to study for a degree program in Germany covered by the subjects taken in the assessment test. We also offer supplementary courses and tests to increase applicants’ options regarding their choice of studies. The Preparatory School maintains partnerships with national and international educational institutions to ensure an ever-growing network. As a partner in the VORsprung project, we are also actively involved in digitalizing teaching. 

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David Klausa

Director Preparatory School

+49 30 314-72402

Room EB 517
Room EB 520


All our teachers are qualified and motivated instructors. They ensure that our international students receive the best possible preparation for the assessment test and their future degree studies. Students are required to attend classes regularly. Classroom contributions and coursework over the course of the year play a significant role in the final assessment. There are approximately 30-32 hours of classes per week. The winter semester runs from September to January and the summer semester from February to August. Computers, demonstration and experimentation apparatus as well as literature are available to support learning.


Our teachers

Artun, EmreMathematics 
Brlečić-Layer, Mareike, Dr.German as a Foreign Language 
De Filippis, BrunoEnglish 
Dorschel, ErhardMathematics, Physics 
Gorsic, AnaGerman as a Foreign Language 
Grüneberg, Julia, Dr.ChemistrySubject coordinator
Hildebrandt, RobertMathematics, Physics 
Hornig, Sylwia, Dr.Physics, Mathematics 
Janiszewski, ConstanzeMathematics, Physics 
Kaygusuz, ÖyküGerman as a Foreign Language 
Khoshnevis, ArsalanPhysics 
Kneer-Werner, RoswithaChemistry 
Köhl, Christian, Dr.PhysicsSubject coordinator
Kümritz, ReinhardMathematics 
Kunze, Thomas, Dr.German as a Foreign Language 
Lofink, Paul, Dr.Mathematics 
Manya, Ndjeka Esther, Dr.Computer Science, Mathematics 
Neemann, Klaus, Dr.PhysicsSubject coordinator
Neubauer, JankaGerman as a Foreign Language, English 
Novak, Hans-Joachim, Dr.Chemistry 
Özdemir, IlkerMathematics, Computer ScienceSubject coordinator
Padberg, JeannetteGerman as a Foreign LanguageSubject coordinator
Reese, AndreasMathematics, German as a Foreign Language 
Repp, KatjaEconomics 
Schilling-Bartetzko, Susanne, Dr.Chemistry 
Schulz, KarstenEconomicsSubject coordinator
Schulze, Sven, Dr.History of Economics 
Titz, EwaGerman as a Foreign Language 
Unterberger, SonjaMathematics 


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft / University of Applied Sciences (HTW)

We have had a partnership with the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW) since 1993. This enables applicants to the HTW who do not qualify directly to study there to attend the TU Berlin Preparatory School, provided they fulfill certain requirements.

A cooperation agreement was signed with Technische Universtät Berlin on 18 June 2018 to develop and operate the Goethe-Institut Cairo's Studienkolleg Ägypten.  The program enables young school leavers from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to study at the preparatory school of the Goethe-Institut Cairo in a course focusing on engineering studies, thus qualifying them to study in a related degree program. Participants receive 15 hours German per week as well as classes taught in German for mathematics, chemistry, physics, and computer studies. The assessment test has been administered by Technische Universität Berlin in Cairo since July 2019. 


The VORsprung project is a digital program to enable prospective students to prepare in advance in their own countries for a degree program in a STEM subject in Germany. The program is aimed at international school leavers with B2 level German who do not qualify directly to study at a university in Germany.

The VORsprung program allows students to study whenever and wherever they wish and focuses on the individual needs of learners. In addition to language and subject content (German, math, computer studies, physics, chemistry), the program also teaches cultural aspects and helps students prepare for their degree programs. Tutors with special training are available to assist learners. During the eight-month program, learners reach C1 in German and are prepared for the traditional assessment (Feststellungsprüfung) test as well as alternative options for university entrance.

In the project STudienkolleg der TU Berlin works with several partner universities and with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). VORsprung is initially designed to run for three years and is funded by DAAD.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
International Preparatory and Language Center, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
FernUniversität in Hagen


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