Innovation Economics

Courses in Sommer/Wintersemester

Basically, our chair offers ten courses from various fields. The curriculum is modularized and consists of the following courses:


3833 L 9216Digital Innovation [This course won't take place this semester]EnglishDr. Böhmecke-SchwafertSS
0832 L 270Innovation EconomicsEnglishProf. Blind / Ms. RochellWS
0832 L 275Innovation PolicyEnglishProf. Blind / Ms. RochellSS
0832 L 293Sustainable InnovationEnglishDr. QuitzowWS
0832 L 276IP ManagementEnglishProf. Blind / Mr. Sokol TominajWS
0832 L 274Standardization and SustainabilityEnglishProf. Blind / Mr. Sokol TominajSS
0832 L 295Quality Infrastructure and ManagementEnglishProf. Blind / Ms. Koch / Mr. AshariWS
0832 L 283Seminar: Open Source und IP in der digitalen GesellschaftEnglishMirko BöhmWS & SS
0832 L 272Strategische NormungGermanMr. BehrensWS & SS
0832 L 285Seminar in Innovation ResearchEnglishMs. Rochell /Mr. Sokol TominajSS