Innovation Economics


Study of the Connections between National Standardisation Activities and the Economic Success of SMEs in the Aeronautic and Aerospace Industry, in a Direct Comparison between Germany and France First results are online now: Next to the automobile industry, the aeronautic and aerospace industry depends on the application of high-quality standards in the European and global context to a greater extent than almost all other branches. The main emphasis is on reduction of variety, safety for the entire life cycle, price advantages because of high unit numbers/ mass production and market competition. Despite the hi-tech location Germany, ever fewer German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are able to establish themselves in the European market, while French companies expand their monopoly in many areas of the component supplier industry. France is also the leader in standardisation activities, clearly ahead of its European neighbours. A coincidence? The study aims to reveal and present connections between national standardisation activities and the economic position of SMEs in the aeronautics and aerospace industries. The results should provide new impulses for the organisation and design of German standardisation work, as well as innovative approaches to better integrate SMEs. This can only take place via a simpler and more transparent information and communication technology about the necessary approvals of products and manufacturers. The study is actively supported by BDLI, BNAE and its member firms such as e.g. Airbus, EADSM, and MTU with kind support of ASD-Stan. The study will be conducted by DIN-NL and the Chair for Innovation Economics. Current Status: The Survey is extended to further European Countries