Innovation Economics

HARTING Graduiertenkolleg

The Chair for Innovation Economics at the Institute for Technology and Management in the Faculty of Economics and Management together with the HARTING Technology Group supports the education of academically trained newcomers. HARTING Graduate Program starts on the 1st of January 2008 with two new graduates for three years.


The German "Mittelstand" is considered the backbone of society. It constitutes:

  • 99.7% of all companies in Germany,
  • more than 40% of all taxable profits and does almost 50% of overall investments,
  • more than 70% of all employment,
  • and creates more than 80% of all post-school training.


The term "Mittelstand", Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME), is not sufficient enough in a time of globally acting and competing companies. The HARTING Technology Group is a good example: As these companies grow bigger and stronger the term Global Medium Sized Enterprises (GME) becomes ever more important. Because these companies are challenged internationally they emerge as a very strong part of the so-called backbone of German society. Their specialities, an emphasis on origin and location, and a usually family-bound structure with capital and decision monopoly spanning generations, are unique and worthy of study.

Goal of this HARTING Graduate Program "Mittelstand und Innovation" is to give academic newcomers the chance of getting involved with the study of GMEs and further their interest with a dissertation on success factors and general conditions of the globally acting, successful German "Mittelstand".