Innovation Economics

BIP 2012

Die The Berlin economy is significantly more innovation-oreinted that the overall German economy. That is the main result of the Innovation Survey Berlin 2012, the first wave of the Berlin Innovation Panle, publishe in the "Innovation Report Berlin 2013".

In the year 2011 the so called „innovator quote“, i.e. the share of companies that introduced new products/services or processes into the market, for Berlin was 57%. That is 7 percentage points above the overall average for the German economy. However, a comparison with other metropolitan areas in Germany shows that this difference might be a city phenomenon. The innovator quote for the other metropolitan areas is an average of 60% and therefore even higher than the one for Berlin.

Another interesting feature in this regard, though, is the fact, that the planned innovation activity for Berlin is estimated to be higher than that for the other metropolitan areas next year. A development that seems to be confirmed by the results from the Innovation Survey Berlin 2013 (see this).

The innovation Report Berlin 2013 can be found here (please note that it is only available in German).

The Centre for European Economic Research provides information about the project here.