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Latest results of the DNP published

The results of the German Standardization Panel (DNP) 2022 with the special section "Affordable and Clean Energy" were presented at the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection (BMWK) on July 6, 2023. Standards make a relevant contribution to supporting the energy transition. At the same time, the potential of standards in this regard has not yet been exhausted, as the German Standardization Panel 2023 presented today shows. The survey conducted by the Technical University of Berlin from October 2022 to January 2023 included information from around 1,800 companies. DIN and DKE support the project, which has been under the patronage of the BMWK since 2016. The DNP creates a unique database for investigating the extent to which standardization influences the economy and society. The current special section examines the highly relevant topics of energy transition and energy security: What role do standards and standardization play in achieving the United Nations' 7th Sustainable Development Goal, access to affordable and clean energy? For further information and the entire results report (for the time being only in German), please visit