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    10th anniversary of the German Standardization Panel

    10th anniversary of the German Standardization Panel

    On October 11, 2022, TU, DIN, DKE and BMWK celebrated the tenth anniversary of the German Standardization Panel (DNP). The German Standardization Panel is an annual survey among companies about standardization and was founded in 2012 on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Knut Blind, Head of the Department of Innovation Economics at the Technical University of Berlin, and Dietmar Harting, former DIN President (2003-2004) and Chairman of CEN/CENELEC (2008-2009).


    The German Standardization Panel is an annual survey of companies on the subject of standardization. As part of the survey, companies are asked about their standardization activities, the standards and certifications used, and the importance of various types of norms and standards. The data collected over the past ten years represents a unique economic database. Therefore, long-term trends and current issues are identified and examined in more detail in the context of standardization. Furthermore, the collected data is an important source of knowledge for standardization organizations, research, business, and politics. Additionally, every year, an actual topic is examined closer in the light of standardization.


    The event was opened with forewords by Dr. Ole Jansen from the Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, Mr. Christoph Winterhalter, Chairman of DIN, and Michael Teigeler, Chairman of DKE. Then, in his presentation about the activities in the last ten years, Prof. Dr. Blind summarized the work within the DNP and presented essential survey findings. Finally, personalities from national and European politics, industry, and research discussed the standardization panel's challenges, results, and potential in a panel discussion. Other topics included the role of standardization in combating climate change and the future of the European standardization strategy.


    A press release on the event is available on the website of DIN (available only in German). Further information on the German Standardization Panel, as well as questionnaires and results from previous years, are at your disposal at (information available in English).

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