Innovation Economics
Organization name Innovation Economics
Office H 47
Building H
Room H 4139 A

Research Focus

  •    Bio-based economy: standardization, labelling, market uptake of  bio-based products
  •    Environmental sustainability
  •    Systems innovation

Academic Career

  •    MSc in Marine Environment and Resources, Joint EU degree from the University of the Basque Country (coordinating), University of Bordeaux and University of Liege, 2013-2015
  •    MSc in Ecology, University of Novi Sad, 2011-2013
  •    BSc in Ecology, University of Novi Sad, 2007-2011


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  • *Matović N.*, Janjić, Đ, Perić, M., Pavlović, T. 2022. *“Tu na rijeci znanje ispeci” - primjer dobre prakse u području obrazovanja o zaštiti prirode unutar Prekograničnog rezervata biosfere Mura-Drava-Dunav (MDD)*. 11. Simpozij s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem, Kopački rit - jučer, danas, sutra, 2022. *(abstract)*
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Current Projects

  • *STAR4BBS *(Sustainability Transition Assessment Rules for Bio-Based Systems) (September 2022 - ongoing)