Innovation Economics


Techfuchs is a startup founded by Thién D. Nguyen, Tim Stautmeister and Maike Elisa Müller with the goal to improve how enterprises purchase equipment for their employees.

Techfuchs is an IT service solution with guided workflows which enables employees to easily find and purchase work related equipment like laptops or computers.

Their solution can be described as an individual online store for employees which can be customized by each organization to comply with the organization’s guidelines and policies. Their software platform guides the user through the organization’s procurement process including the request and approval of purchases which helps enterprises reach faster decisions and ultimately save time and resources.

They achieve this with their machine learning algorithms that match existing company- and employee requirements with product specifications in the background. Based on this data, the selection of qualified products is optimized and the employees are only offered suitable products that comply with the employers corporate guidelines.

With this solution set up in an organization, no technical know-how or prior knowledge is required from the employees to find and purchase optimal products for work.

Techfuchs received a grant through the “Berliner Startup Stipendium” to reach its vision of changing the way small- and medium-sized companies realize their IT purchases and thereby strengthening the backbones of most economies around the world by letting the companies focus on their core competencies.