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Plan Green

We, the Fachschaftsinitiative Plangrün (FSI Plangrün), are the student representative body for Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Environmental Planning, Urban Ecology and Environmental Planning. A brief introduction:
The FSI Plangrün advocates for your - our! - interests and issues. To this end, we mediate between students and teachers in order to contribute to a constructive exchange between the different status groups. Our representatives in the committees of the TU Berlin are committed to ensuring that decisions are not made without the knowledge and perspective of the student body. In this context, the passing on of information from committees or the networking of students plays a decisive role for us. We are represented on the Institute Council of Ecology (IÖ) for the students of the Institute. We also articulate student interests on other occasions, e.g. appointment procedures. But also in the usual problems with exam registrations, course enrollments and Co. we stand by your side.
In addition, we are committed to a colorful campus life and organize small parties, e.g. at the beginning of the semester or during the winter break - after all, everyday study should be fun and inspiring!
Our commitment does not end at the door to the lecture hall, because the power relations at the university are not detached from the social relations. We want to fight together for a free, self-determined life and a sustainable coexistence of people and the environment. How do we shape a sustainable university and a sustainable society? Let's discuss, explore and implement this together! Between the refectory and the library, in our meetings, at the next demo or during the next soli-party...
The FSI Plangrün only exists thanks to the motivation of its active members. You want to join? Welcome! We appreciate new ideas and perspectives and are always happy to see new faces! Come by or send us an email to plangruen[at] and we will send you the info about our next meeting and current projects.
See you soon - stay active!

Your FSI Plangrün


Straße des 17. Juni 145
10623 Berlin
Room: EB 319
Telephone: 314 255 37
E-Mail: plangruen(at) 




Please also mail to the Academic Advising address or to the mailbox by the room.

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