Institute of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Research Groups

Geoinformation in Environmental Planning Lab

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Birgit Kleinschmit

We measure, model, and evaluate spatial-temporal landscape structures and biophysical phenomena on the local to regional scale using remote sensing and geoinformatics methods. With these findings, we improve the understanding of the human-environment system and contribute to a sustainable development of the earth system.

Landscaping and Object Construction

Currently represented by Prof. Barbara Hutter and Prof. Stefan Reimann.

Our research group creates detailed designs and implementation plans in the field of landscape architecture. We aim to facilitate the creation of “Sustainable Open Space” by focusing on forward-looking strategies like sustainability, context awareness, comfort development, and aesthetics suitable for everyday use.

Environmental Governance

Head of research group: Position is currently vacant.

The Chair of Environmental Governance was established in the summer semester of 2021. It is dedicated to political science research on sustainable development in the Global North and South. Empirically, we deal with climate policies as well as, for example, agricultural, forest and water policies in a globalized and increasingly digitalized world. We work on environmental issues in relation to society and questions of global justice.

Landscape Architecture Design

Head of research group: Prof. Jürgen Weidinger

Our research group is concerned with the design of open spaces under the influence of new social and technical framework conditions. Central to our work is the analysis of a space’s quality, the examination of which is based on Gestalt theory, living space, and atmosphere. In terms of methodology, we focus on the concept of design-based research.

Sustainability Economics of Human Settlements

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Felix Creutzig

The research group for Sustainability Economics of Human Settlements aims to foster research on urbanization and global environmental change, taking an interdisciplinary perspective combining economics, engineering and geography. In teaching, we strive to educate leaders in sustainable urban planning and urban economists who want to make a difference.

Environmental Assessment

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Gesa Geißler

Our research group is concerned with assessing the external environmental impacts of public and private projects and plans, as well as methods for the participation of civil society in the further development of environmental impact assessment.

Landscape Planning and Development

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiland

Our research group is concerned with landscape planning as a planning instrument for nature protection on diverse administrative and spatial levels, including its societal context. An equally important focus is landscape development in urban as well as rural areas, which is independent of landscape planning control and results from societal developments as well as from changes in land use and the natural environmet.

Climate Economics and Public Policy

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer

Our goal is to develop, foster, and communicate critical and politically relevant knowledge in the economics of climate change and sustainability. To achieve this goal, we research spatial-temporal patterns of economic activity, focusing on international trade, consumption-based emission accounting, as well as urban transport and urban infrastructures.

AI and Land Use Change

Head of Department: Jun.-Prof. Annette Rudolph

Strasse des 17. Juni 145
10623 Berlin

Landscape Architecture / Open Space Planning

Head of research group: Prof. Undine Giseke

Our research group is concerned with the interaction between the urbanisation process and open space systems in their spatial, social and natural dimensions. This work involves connecting the fundamental theories and methods of designing open space with ideas from contemporary open space production in the international context.

Vegetation Technology and Plant Utilization

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Norbert Kühn

Our research group focuses on using green values in order to shape landscape architectural mentality and methods. The foci in our teaching and research are: the use of plants in landscape architectural design, modern vegetation concepts, green infrastructure, the use of plants in technical constructions and as ecological resources, historical plant use and the preservation of garden monuments, as well as vegetation management.

Visualisation and Design

Christine Guérard, Dipl. Landscape architecte


Honorary professorship for garden monument conservation

Head of research group: Prof. Dr. Michael Rohde

The preservation of garden monuments deals with the question of the value of monuments and the preservation of historical parks, gardens and green structures. It formulates objectives, describes measures and takes care of the management of garden monuments.