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Information on the university teaching certificate for stays abroad

The prerequisite for a university lecturer's evaluation is that you have attended and successfully completed at least one course in the subject area!

Due to the high demand for university lecturer evaluations, a personal one-on-one interview is normally not possible. Therefore, it is important that you provide us in your written documents with all information about yourself that you consider relevant for the evaluation. In order to prepare the evaluation, we need the following documents:

1. A current record of achievement and grades showing your academic record to date. Students at the Master's level may also include evidence of your Bachelor's degree (including grades). A central element in the university academic report is the evaluation and classification of your academic achievements. We base this on your overall grade record, but also evaluate your performance in our courses in particular.

2. A curriculum vitae in table form. In particular, please list any activities or occupations that you are or have been involved in alongside your studies (e.g. internships, work experience, involvement in university committees, work as a tutor or student assistant, voluntary work, etc.). It is also important to list any special achievements you have made (e.g., awards, prizes, scholarships, etc.). Use the resume to provide us with information about yourself that we can positively mention and highlight in our evaluation.

3. A short letter of motivation in English (approx. 1 page), in which you explain your reasons for studying abroad. For this purpose, use the following questions as a guide: Why do you want to study abroad? What goals do you want to achieve during your stay abroad? What are your expectations of the stay abroad? What qualities do you bring to the table that will make your stay abroad a success? Why should the foreign university choose you? If you are applying for a very specific university or country, they can also address this.

Please also note that due to the high demand, we usually need 3-4 weeks after receipt of the documents for the preparation of the university lecturer's evaluation. Please take this into consideration when planning your time. When submitting your documents, please let us know the latest date by which you need the expert opinion and the type of application.

  •     Overseas - Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Canada
  •     Erasmus Scholarship

Please send the complete documents to