Information and Communication Management

IT-Service-Management (Lecture + Tutorial, 6 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes:

With the growing demands on the functionality, quality and costs of IT services, the importance of effective and efficient IT service provision increases. The spectrum of management tasks and processes that an IT service provider must perform today and that can be summarized under the term IT service management is correspondingly broad. In the first part of this module, students get to know the central components of IT service management and gain an insight into current reference models in practice, such as ITIL, BS15000, COBIT or MOF. In the second part, the content is deepened using selected topics and examples. Concepts of the reference models are applied to practical examples so that the students get a deeper understanding of service management.

Course Content:

The lecture deals with central management tasks for the provision of IT services. The main focus is on tasks in the area of management of user support, management of production processes and potentials, and management of the service program. The handling of the management processes is deepened on the basis of practical problems, for example on the basis of the topics of sourcing, documentation, cloud, key figures and the role of user / customer. Selected examples deepen the understanding of the importance of IT service management.


Guest lecturer: Dr. Thomas Jestädt

Dr. Thomas Jestädt is an IT manager and division manager at the German technology company Toll Collect GmbH. He is also a book author and lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin.

After studying physics (Universities of Erlangen, Cambridge, Heidelberg; stay at CERN) and obtaining a diploma in theoretical physics, he worked as a research assistant (University of Bayreuth) before obtaining his doctorate as an EU Marie Curie Fellow in experimental physics at Oxford University (research stays at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, and at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory).

This was followed by positions in various large companies in the mobile communications and IT industries in Munich and Berlin. His activities included national and international IT projects and IT operations (focus on IT operations, testing, data management, geographic information systems (GIS); organizational and process optimization with focus on customer benefit and value).

Thomas Jestädt is a certified ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL 4), DevOps Master (EXIN), SAFe 5 Agilist and Project Management Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute. He also holds certifications in PRINCE2 (Foundation, Practitioner) and COBIT. Among others, he is active at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), (co-)author of numerous publications, several books as well as patent specifications and CEN/DIN standards. Since 2017, he has been a lecturer (IT Service Management) at the Technical University of Berlin.


Teaching forms:

The module contents are conveyed through lectures and exercises. In the exercise, the students deepen the content of the lecture.



  • Computer Engineering (Master of Science) StuPO 2015 
  • Electrical Engineering (Master of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Information Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Science) StuPO 2013
  • Information Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Science) BSc Information Systems Engineering StuPO 2015
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2013
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2017 
  • Industrial Engineering and Management (Bachelor of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Industrial Engineering and Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2015 



Further information:

Prior participation in the other events in the department is not a mandatory requirement. All relevant content is conveyed to the students as part of the seminar.