Information and Communication Management

Integrated Information Management (Lecture + SEM, 6 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes:

Holistic, integrated approaches to information management are becoming increasingly important in the field of information and communication management. In business practice in particular, the challenge arises to interlink the various sub-areas of information management more closely and to implement integrated management approaches. The module offers the students to learn the central contents and tasks of an integrated information management. In addition, the students receive a holistic insight into practical decision-making situations in IT management. The acquired knowledge enables the processing of real IT management tasks as you can find in practice.

As part of the seminar, students are given the opportunity to view the lecture content from an academic perspective on the one hand and to apply it based on practical case studies on the other. In this course, the focus is on the combination of theoretical specialized knowledge and solution-oriented application in a practical context in teamwork.


Course content:

The lecture presents the content and tasks of an integrated information management. With the help of models, it deals with current focal points of information management from the perspective of IT strategy, IT governance, IT sourcing and IT controlling. In addition, the effects of digital business, digital innovation and datafication on information management are discussed.

In the seminar, the students present scientific contributions to each lecture topic and place them in the larger thematic and business context. In addition, for each lecture topic, a case study is discussed in detail and simulated based on a real situation. In each case, a group of students develops and presents a proposed solution for this case study, which is discussed with another group of students.


Teaching forms:

The course "Integrated Information Management" consists of a lecture and a seminar. The lecture provides theoretical specialist knowledge. In the seminar, practical expertise is imparted by a guest lecturer from the economy and the students work in groups on case studies and academic papers.



  • Computer Engineering (Master of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Electrical Engineering (Master of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2013
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2017 
  • Industrial Engineering and Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Business Mathematics (Bachelor of Science) Bachelor Wirtschaftsmathematik 2014
  • Business Mathematics (Master of Science) StuPO 2014 



Further information:

Prior participation in the other events in the department is not a mandatory requirement. All relevant content is conveyed to the students as part of the course.