Information and Communication Management

Business Models in E-Business (Integrated Course, 6 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes:

Both in the business-to-consumer and in the business-to-business segment, electronic business solutions are increasingly gaining acceptance in the markets and are rapidly gaining in importance. In practice, global value and logistics chains can only be implemented using modern electronic business solutions. That is why electronic business solutions play a central role in logistics and in many other industries today. Furthermore, the area of ​​e-business solutions is characterized by low entry barriers. New start-ups can be set up here with relatively little capital investment, which is why this industry is particularly interesting for young entrepreneurs.

The aim of the module is to convey the strategic and operational methods for the design of business models in e-business as well as the fundamental aspects of a business plan. One focus is the business model concept as well as its application to practical (and self-developed) examples and conversion into a business plan. A realistic presentation of the business idea in the form of a 5-minute pitch in front of a jury should enable critical reflection and convey practical skills.


Course content:

As part of the course, a business idea in the e-business environment will be developed in group work. In addition, the basics in the subject areas of e-business, business model development and business plan are taught in the first weeks of the semester. The development of business models for electronic business solutions is dealt with and methods for modeling and representing business models are presented and explained using practical examples. The developed business idea is refined and validated with the help of (partly playful) elements and methods. The various aspects of a business plan (e.g. marketing, start-up team or financing) will be examined in detail during the event and should then be applied by the groups based on their own ideas. A business plan is worked out piece by piece and presented in (partial) aspects. The respective aspects are supplemented by presentations and insights into the experiences of Berlin founding teams.

The aim of the event is to develop a realistic business plan for your own business idea and the final presentation in the form of a business plan pitch, which is based on the interests and requirements of potential investors. Founders and experts from the start-up scene are invited to the final presentation as jurors to evaluate the business idea and the business plan.


Teaching forms:

The integrated event consists of seven block events (two units) in which content is presented and developed. Between the events, the participants have to implement this content in groups.



  • Computer Engineering (Master of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Electrical Engineering (Master of Science) StuPO 2015
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2017
  • Industrial Engineering and Management (Master of Science) StuPO 2015 


Further information:

Prior participation in the other events in the department is not a mandatory requirement. All relevant content is conveyed to the students as part of the seminar.