Information and Communication Management

Lecture and Tutorial - eHealth Basics (4 SWS / 6 ECTS)

Qualification Goals

Through active participation, the module is intended to enable students to comprehend the current topic of eHealth competently and to work actively on current technical issues in the subject area based on the elementary understanding of the topic. Graduates can differentiate between the subject area eHealth and related terms and classify them scientifically. You get an insight into the industry with its technical and economic characteristics. They also understand the need for IT systems to work together in healthcare and the opportunities that arise from this. Through practical lectures in the lectures, visits to start-ups and group work during the semester in the exercise, the treated content is illustrated and applied.

Course Content


Concepts in the field of eHealth and related topics are defined and related to each other. In addition, the German health system with its actors, tasks and processes is characterized. Then the basics of information management in the (German) health system are discussed. This includes, for example, electronic forms of communication (e.g. e-doctor's letter, e-referral) and documentation (e.g. e-patient file). Furthermore, the telematics infrastructure in general and the IT systems of the actors involved in particular (e.g. hospitals) should be discussed here. To understand the system architectures and application landscapes of the participating organizations and networks, concepts of information management are presented. On the one hand, this includes software architecture and design, as well as modularization and interfaces in particular. Furthermore, methods and techniques for controlling these architectures are also discussed (e.g. EAM, BPM, etc.). In addition, an understanding of the legal basis of communication and data protection should be created. Fundamental aspects of data protection, data security and integrity are discussed in the context. Finally, the economic characteristics of the eHealth segment are presented, with a focus on health markets, drivers and obstacles to innovations and market forecasts. In particular, the mHealth segment with its relationship to consumers and trend topics (e.g. quantified self, wearables, etc.) should be taken up here.


In group work during the semester, the business idea for a medical app is played out by the participants. This includes, among other things, a market analysis and a feasibility study (no programming task). The results are presented at the end of the semester.

The presentation consists of the pitch (4 minutes) and the associated slides, which you submit to us before the appointment. You can also include information in the notes on this slide set that you do not mention in your pitch due to the limited time. We will also look at the set of slides and any notes and incorporate them into the evaluation.


TimeWednesday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Rotationweekly (please note the organization slides)
LocationPresence as well as synchronously via zoom and asynchronously via videos


TimeTuesday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Meetings (with reservations)16.11.2021, 14.12.2021, 11.01.2022, 25.01.2022 (Pitch)
Locationsynchronously via zoom