Information and Communication Management

Supervision of Bachelor and Master Theses

The application for supervision of your thesis in the coming summer semester will be possible between 15.02. - 15.03.2024. Until 22.03.2024, you will be informed whether you have been allocated a place to work on your thesis in the coming semester. The registration of the thesis will take place after the initial discussion with your supervisor by 01.05.2024 at the latest.

The initiation of theses are coordinated. If you are interested in writing a thesis at our chair, please send a short letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae and an overview of your grades to: abschlussarbeiten(at) Please use your campus / TU-Berlin email address.

Since the allocation of theses is centrally managed at our chair, we ask you to consider the following procedure: The application for a thesis is made in one of the research areas described below. In order to be able to assign the thesis to the corresponding academic staff, it is imperative to indicate the abbreviation of the respective research area in the subject line of the email, as these are assigned automatically. Please use the abbreviation in your subject line with square brackets as shown:

[FB 1] Research Area 1: Platform Economy
[FB 2] Research Area 2: Virtual & Augmented Reality
[FB 3] Research Area 3: Sustainable IT-Systems
[FB 4] Research Area 4: Digital Twin
[FB N] Research Area N: Own choice of topics and external theses

e.g. „[FB 5] Master's thesis on a platform topic, Melanie Musterfrau“

Please also note:

  • In the first step, please apply only to one of the research areas specified here. Simultaneous applications for several research areas will not be considered.
  • As described above, the emails are automatically forwarded. If you do not use any of the subjects described above in the subject line, the e-mail cannot be processed.
  • A response can take up to two weeks and we ask you to refrain from queries about the status of the application during this period.

Information and Communication Management

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Research Area 2: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Research Area 2: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Research Area N: Own choice of topics and external theses

If you have your own suggestion for a topic that does not fit into any of the research areas mentioned above, you can also apply to us for a thesis on this topic. A specific scientific question should already be available for this.

There is also the possibility of supervision in individual cases for external theses in cooperation with companies that do not fit into any of the research areas but are related to the subject area. To initiate this, please also indicate the research area N ([FB N]).

Please also note that if you assign yourself to FB N, there is no employee who has expertise in the topic you have chosen. Finding a supervisor in the department is therefore less likely and the process takes a little longer.