Information and Communication Management

Management of Network-Based Telecommunication Services

In order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the provisioning of network-based services, telecommunication enterprises are confronted with multifaceted business challenges. The research area of telecommunications management is dedicated to support corporate decision-making processes by providing scientific analyses and models. The research focuses on business aspects regarding the utilization of information and communication technologies (ICT) on three conceptual levels:  

The strategic level addresses questions on how to create customer value and how to gain competitive advantages through ICT. Exemplary aspects include:

  • Design of ICT Business Models (business model typologies for the creation of ICT services; development strategies for business models)
  • ICT Business Value (value added of ICT systems and contribution to business performance; value-oriented configuration of ICT services)
  • ICT service quality (significance of technological performance for service quality; business models for a differentiated service delivery)
  • Strategies for ICT Service Delivery (analysis of ICT value creation networks; identification of in-/outsourcing potentials)

At the organizational level, processes for the creation of ICT services are developed and executed. Exemplary research areas include:

  • Design of ICT Service Provisioning Processes (convergence within the ICT industry; analysis of dynamic changes of value creation processes)
  • Service-oriented Telecommunications Management (process models for service-, customer-, and market-oriented telecommunications management)

At the integration level, process-supporting functional ICT components are provided. Possible research areas are:

  • Deployment of Service Delivery Platforms (identification of the market potentials of enabling services; platform strategies)
  • Process-oriented Provisioning of Functional Components (software/infrastructure as a service)

The chair of Information and Communication Management has a wealth of experience in applied research in the telecommunications industry. Several publications and research projects are listed below.



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