Information and Communication Management

Research Focus

Information and Communication Management (ICM) deals with the identification and implementation of technologies that support operational and business processes of organizations. The ICM research topics can be distinguished according to specific processes of different management levels.
The strategic management of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) focuses on ICT value creation and the potential of technology-based competitive advantage. The optimal support of the organization's operational processes is the central task at business process management level. Accordingly, the research questions of this management level aim at the increase of business process effectiveness with regard to defined quality criteria and the exploitation of streamlining potentials for the maximization of process efficiency.
Research referring to the technology and infrastructure management level is concerned with the cost-efficient production of IT services. This includes both the ICT investment planning and procedures for the efficient operation of IT systems.
Alongside the horizontal classification of management levels, ICM research analyses the deployment of ICT under consideration of the purpose and the specific industry context. The chair of ICM addresses in particular:

The chair of ICM focuses on application-oriented research and publications in internationally renowned business journals and conferences. The team of ICM cooperates with a network of researchers of leading international universities.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables companies to obtain IT services to support their business processes on a demand-oriented basis on a rental basis.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables companies to obtain IT services to support their business processes on a demand-oriented basis on a rental basis.

Green IT and Sustainable Information Management

The increasing dissemination and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the services based on them leads not only to economic but also to an increasing importance of ecological and social issues for ICT organizations (ICT service providers, hardware and software manufacturers).

IT Service Management

The IT Service Management research area deals with the development of models, methods and solution approaches for customer-oriented planning and control of the services and service provision processes of IT service providers.

Management in the Gaming Industry

In the course of the last few years a mass market for computer games has become established, the scope of which is larger than that of the global music market and whose growth forecasts continue to indicate the increasing economic importance of this branch of industry.

Digital Platforms and Business Models

The research area Digital Platforms and Business Models is dedicated to the potentials and challenges of digital platforms and e-business business models. The focus here is on potential and feasibility studies as well as prototypical application development as part of an application-oriented research approach.

Social Media Analytics & Big Data

The topics related to social media analytics and big data can be divided into four groups: technical data provision, technical data evaluation, technical data provision, technical data evaluation.