Information and Communication Management


Project title: Service für Online Fake Identifikation im E-Commerce

Project partner: Trustami GmbH

Duration: 01.02.2020 – 31.12.2022


Ratings are the most important currency on the internet and aim to heighten consumer’s awareness and strengthen their trust in the market. However, fake reviews as well as fake shops torpedo this: consumers are being misled and unsettled.

There are several challenges for this project. Fraudulent shops and ratings can be diverse and are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an application that can detect different fake evaluations and is also able to improve and learn itself. A rigid construct is not a suitable solution due to the high dynamics of the internet.

In order to consolidate and promote consumer’s trust in online transactions and activities in the future, it is necessary to detect fake ratings and shops. With this goal in mind, the presented project aims to develop an intelligent system that can reliably, quickly and automatically recognize fake ratings as well as fake shops. Therefore, this project addresses different objectives: on the one hand, it aims to provide consumers with an AI application that supports them in making everyday decisions. For example, when shopping online or selecting a restaurant based on ratings, problematic content is identified and filtered. On the other hand, it aims to allow companies to have ratings checked and thus become aware of problem cases at an early stage.

Currently, there is a lack of relevant applications and scientific research in the German-speaking area. Existing approaches and procedures are almost exclusively based on English texts and ratings. Therefore, an adaptation for the German-speaking region is absolutely necessary and is valuable for Germany for positioning with regard to international efforts.