Information and Communication Management


On these pages we give you the opportunity to find out about our current and completed projects.

Current Projects


As part of the ATARI project, the important components in retail, product evaluation and visualization, are to be brought together by (1) aggregating customer ratings for products across websites, automatically evaluating them based on machine learning and processing them into test reports, as well as (2) the resulting data on the individual criteria within the product reviews are visualized in a WebAR environment in order to offer the customer the opportunity to experience this information intuitively and interactively.


For the therapy of patients with depression, SELFPASS enables self-assessment of the severity of the patient's emotional stress (1), stored evaluation algorithms that quantify and log the symptoms (2) and take practical steps for self-management (3) into account integrated biosignal data (4) of the individual patient and current location-dependent environmental information (5). Thanks to integrated feedback loops, SELFPASS also represents a self-learning system (6) which, adapted to the course, provides the participating patient with personalized support.


Reviews are the main currency on the internet and are aimed at raising consumer awareness and increasing their confidence in the market. However, both fake reviews and fake shops torpedo this: Consumers are misled and unsettled. There is currently a lack of corresponding applications and research work in German-speaking countries. Existing approaches and procedures are based almost exclusively on English-language texts and assessments. An adaptation for the German-speaking area is therefore absolutely necessary and is valuable for positioning Germany in relation to international efforts.

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

In this area you will find the completed projects of the Chair of ICM within the research topics cloud computing, green IT and sustainable information management, IT service management, management in the field of computer games and telecommunications management.