Information and Communication Management

Kim Fröhnel, M.Sc.

Office H 93
Building Hauptgebäude
Room H 9162
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin


Studies at the Technische Universität Berlin in the international course Information Systems Management (M. Sc.) And Business Informatics (B. Sc.).

Since September 2021Research associate at the Chair of Information and Communication Management at the TU Berlin (Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Zarnekow)
2019 – 2021Research assistant at the Chair of Information and Communication Management at the TU Berlin
2021Master thesis on „The Economic Value of Reputation in the Sharing Economy - A Marketplace Analysis“
2019Bachelor thesis on „Trust in Platforms - A Literature Review of the status quo of Research“
2018 – 2019Tutor for „Introduction to Programming with Java“ and „Information Governance“ at the TU Berlin

Research Focus

Digital Platform Ecosystems

  • Trust in digital platforms
  • Reputation and Design of Review Systems
  • Review Manipulation (Fake Reviews)
  • Incentive-driven reviews

Extraction of Web Data (Web-Crawling and Web-Scraping)


  • WS 19/20: Introduction to Information Systems
  • SS 20: Business Simulation
  • WS 21/22: Introduction to Information Systems
  • SS 22: Business Models in E-Business
  • WS 22/23: Introduction to Information Systems
  • SS 23: Business Models in E-Business
  • WS 23/24: Introduction to Information Systems


Please send requests for theses between 15th February and 15th March.

Platform Economy

The exact task will be agreed in a meeting. The processing can be done either in German or English.
The initiation of theses are coordinated. If you are interested in writing a thesis at our chair, please have a look at our requirements.

Master theses together with Trustami GmbH:

Automated Fact Checking

Hyperparameter Optimization

Ongoing and Completed Theses

Erfolgsfaktoren von Projekten gemeinnütziger Organisationen auf spendenbasierten Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Deutschland – Eine quantitative Analyse
Truth in the Time of COVID-19: Exploring Deep Learning-Based Approaches to identify COVID-19 related claims and Tackling Misinformation
'Das ist doch bloß Spaß!' - Wahrnehmung gesellschaftlicher und politischer Potentiale von Memes in den sozialen Medien durch Konsumenten
Der Einfluss von Gamifizierung auf Bewertungssysteme im E-Commerce
The Importance of Online Reviews: Exploring the Perspective of Consumers in North Africa
Zahlungsverkehr im digitalen Wandel - Nutzungsbereitschaft für Finanzdienstleister und ihre Plattformen
Selbstregulierungsstrategien von Online-Marktplätzen und deren Wahrnehmung und Bewertung durch Nutzer in Deutschland
A consumer-orientated study on the perception of AI-generated fake reviews
Application of semi-supervised learning approaches for claim detection in the context of machine learning based on covid-19 fact checking
Transfer Learning against the 'Infodemic' - Automated Fact-Checking of News Articles
Online freelance platforms - companies' willingness to use them
Measuring software ecosystem productivity of blockchain projects to forecast cryptocurrency price trends: Analysis of GitHub metadata
Bewusstsein von Plattformnutzern gegenüber Fake-Bewertungen - Eine quantitative Studie
Pricing of cloud-based SaaS solutions: a case-study on designing the optimal pricing strategy for a modular AI platform following a value- and cost-centric approach based on identified best practices
On industry platforms' transformation towards a sustainable Sharing Economy
On the Impact of Review Manipulation on Platforms – A Literature Review
On The Role Of Digital Education Platforms
Bewältigung der ersten und letzten Meile in Randbezirken durch innovative Mobilitätskonzepte



Fröhnel, Kim; Repschläger, Jonas; Voigt, Anneleen
Fake Reviews: Relevanz und Umgang mit gefälschten Bewertungen auf Online Plattformen