Industrial Information Technology

Project: Virtual Product Development

Sample project: "Smart Tripelec"
Development of a sustainable mid-distance mobility system for the city

Smart Tripelec aims to develop a technology and methods demonstrator for the academic chair’s research on sustainable and virtual product development. This multidisciplinary project group arose out of a student design (Virtual Engineering WS 12/13) and consisted of nine students and three researchers from mechanical engineering, production engineering, industrial engineering and management, as well as computer engineering. In November 2013, the group began conducting the first feasibility studies and creating the first concept models.

The team further developed the initial concepts and prepared a design using parametric CAD and simulation tools ready for production and assembly. After preparing the production and assembly documents, acquiring the necessary parts and raw materials, as well as commissioning the in-house components, the team faced the challenging task of building the main frame’s welded assembly. Once this was achieved, the final assembly of the Smart Tripelec was completed on a specially designed assembly stand.

Using digital tools for design, simulation, data management, and project management, the team was able to successfully complete the "Smart Tripelec" project by the scheduled completion date and put the innovative vehicle into operation.