Industrial Information Technology

Introduction to Information Technology for Engineers (EII)

1. Module description

Basic understanding of computer systems and computer networks, learning one of the programming languages FORTRAN95 or C. Structured programming. Basic knowledge of UNIX, MATLAB, LATEX and measurement data processing.

Technical Skills: 40% | Methodological Skills: 40% | Systems Expertise: 0% | Social Competences: 20%

2. Module components

CourseTypeCreditsCourse hours per weekC/E/CE
Information Technology for EngineersIntegrated course64C

3. Content

Students acquire essential technical knowledge regarding computer systems and computer networks. They also gain a deeper understanding of how to practically work with computers and their interfaces (including operating systems, algorithms, programming languages) as well as application challenges (including IT security, digitalization, software engineering).

During the tutorial, students gain basic skills in object-oriented programming in C++ using practical examples. Students have the opportunity to apply these skills in a final group project (in teams of 3), where they program an X-Y plotter built on the Arduino platform in the development environment.

4. Learning objectives

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the construction, functionality, and application of computer systems and networks. The practical work with computers and their interfaces as well as the use of a programming language and the related development environments provide students with knowledge about the applicability of information technology for specific and professional engineering tasks.

5. Target group

This module is open to all bachelor’s students in an engineering degree program.

6. Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

7. Day and time



Wednesday, 10 - 12:00




PTZ S-001 or online via Twitch (see Quick links)



Dates and registration information will be provided at the first lecture meeting.

The tutorial is held online. 

8. Registration

Register via Moses

If registration via Moses is not possible (in individual cases such as for free modules), register via the Examination Office and bring the yellow form to the exam.

As soon as the exam date has been confirmed, we will publish the deadline for registering for exams in Moses in the the ISIS course news forum.

9. Exam information

Exam number:

10215 Einf.i.d.Info.techn-Stark    (FAK5)

11135    (FAK3)

Written exam

Exam date: 02.03.2023 | 08:00 | online


All course materials (including lecture and tutorial recordings) are uploaded to ISIS (see Quick links above).


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