Industrial Information Technology

Smart Product Service Systems

Smart product service systems (SPSS) are services in which existing products are revolutionized using service-oriented information technology. Autonomous vacuum cleaner robots, controlled by smartphone, networked agricultural machines that coordinate themselves with the help of drones, and fleets of autonomous vehicles are already a reality today. Such SPSS increase the complexity that engineers are confronted with in their everyday development work. At the same time, the focus on services and the creation of data-based added value in business models is becoming increasingly important. For engineers, this also changes the framework conditions for product development, e.g. through the possibility of being able to change and test product functionalities directly in the field via over-the-air updates, determine requirements on the basis of data from the customer via usage profiles, or think about the life cycle of a product from its end to beginning in order to be able to guarantee actual circular economy by tracking products in the field. However, tools and methods for data processing and service development must first be integrated into the processes of classic product development and adapted for this purpose. Only then can the potential of SPSS be increasingly leveraged across the board in all industries. Making this possible is a core task of our research at the Chair of Industrial Information Technology.

Explainer video regarding Smart Product Service Systems

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