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Insightful & stimulating - Panel 'Game Changer Simulation' incl. keynote speech by IIT department

The automobile industry is facing intensified competition and is subject to constant change, requiring innovations and continuous rethinking.

Hence, at the 'simpulse day' in Stuttgart on March 7, 2023, experts from ASCS exclusively met to address the following question: What is the strategic role of simulations today and how can simulations be utilized for development processes within the automotive industry in the future?

Simulations provide great potential, not only for the evaluation and optimization of designs but also for the identification of potential problems in advance, making the activities of engineers more efficient and effective.

In light of this event, interesting insights and perspectives regarding simulations in engineering were presented, including:

  • Keynote speech by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stark on "Digital Product Development"
  • Panel discussion and exchange between the TU Berlin and respective industry partners from the automobile groups Porsche AG, Opel, BMW Group und Volkswagen AG about potential challenges, existing requirements, but also prospects concerning how simulations can ultimately enhance the vehicles' performance and lead to cost and time savings.

Due to the successful participation, the department has been cordially invited to the continuation of the event series "Game Changer Simulation", which will take place in July this year.