Industrial Information Technology
VELC - Virtual Engineering Learning Center

VELC - Virtual Engineering Learning Center

The VELC is a space for modern teaching and learning formats, featuring mobile furniture and plug and play IT. Here you can work in any constellation according to your needs, such as for short-term study groups, thematically organized learning islands, or long-term projects.

From the first (digital) stroke of the concept phase to 3D design, calculation, digital mock-up (DMU) through to the digital factory and production work, all phases of product creation are supported with virtual tools. Product data management, virtual reality, augmented reality, as well as process modeling round out the range of applications and technologies.


  • 22 mobile work stations, mobile partitions
  • 27 work stations that can be flexibly used with Zero clients (plug & play, Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 2 projection walls, 52” screen, audio system
  • 3D active-stereo projector and shutter glasses
  • Lectern equipped for media
  • Whiteboards
  • Multi-touch display, mobile (optional)
  • SMART board, mobile (optional)


Organization name Industrial Information Technology
Office PTZ 4
Building Produktionstechnisches Zentrum (PTZ)
Room PTZ 515
Address Pascalstraße 08. SE
10587 Berlin