Industrial Information Technology
EC³ - Engineering Collaboration and Control Center

The Engineering Collaboration and Control Center (EC3) is a multifunctional space for current and future usage scenarios. Three large boards allow for both digital and analog collaboration. Use the multi-touch display to view and work on digital product models together. A mobile, multifunctional board is also available for use as a writing or magnetic surface as well as projections. The walls are covered in whiteboards, ensuring ample space for creative work. Its proximity to other laboratories, such as the Digital Cube Test Center (DCTC), enables new types of collaboration scenarios to be researched and tested. The space is also equipped with innovative room controls and a flexible lighting concept.


  • SMART Tech smart board 8084i, 84” active monitor, 4K resolution, four-point multitouch
  • 2-square meter magnetic whiteboard suitable for projections on a mobile sideboard which can be moved as needed + an Epson 3LCD projector
  • Mounted 120x240cm magnetic glass whiteboard for analog work
  • Direct and indirect lighting for different light configurations
  • Fully integrated control of the room elements (light and media technology) via tablet
  • High-performance simulation PC, suitable for computation-intensive applications
  • Go-Pro Hero Black 4 Action Cam


Organization name Industrial Information Technology
Office PTZ 4
Building Produktionstechnisches Zentrum (PTZ)
Room PTZ 515
Address Pascalstraße 08. SE
10587 Berlin