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We are dedicated to developing digital solutions to improve and enhance the work of engineers.
Current Research Projects - BioFusion 4.0
In BioFusion we combine nature and technology to transform and further develop Industry 4.0.
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Welcome to IIT!
Current Research Projects - BioFusion 4.0
Information About Summer Semester 2023
IIT Team

Chair of Industrial Information Technology

The Chair of Industrial Information Technology, part of the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management, focuses on further developing digital solutions to improve and enhance the work of engineers throughout the entire process of virtual product creation, from the project idea to product development, through to production planning and ramp-up management.

Our areas of focus include intuitive and context-based information modeling, intuitively operable and functionally experienceable virtual prototypes, function-oriented virtual product creation as well as development processes and methodologies for product design. Engineering and information technology which reflect current needs are at the core of our teaching, We provide our students with the skills, experience, and values they will need throughout their careers as engineers.

Our mission & vision

The aim of engineering is to facilitate sustainable living through creative virtuality and digital continuity.

As engineers, we virtualize product development by designing data, models, methods, tools, and processes.

We realize new digital development intelligences as part of a sociological-technical system for a sustainable future.

We use the latest technologies in information technology as well as innovative applied and experimental research methods.

In this way, we increase the innovative power and efficiency of engineering.

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