Institute of Geodesy


General information

I advise on the following degree programme:

    Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, M.Sc.

All important information on the course of studies, modules, curriculum, examination matters or recognition of academic achievements is summarised on the website of the degree programme. If you have any questions, please first check whether you can find the answer there.

Otherwise, you are of course welcome to contact me. You can find my contact details in the contact box.

Tasks & services

As a student counsellor, I am the first point of contact for all students and prospective students with general questions about the course and content of their studies. The aim is to support you in organising and completing your studies. Prospective students will also find help in deciding on a suitable degree programme.

So if you have problems with your studies and want to talk to "one of you" about them, you've come to the right place. I also organise an introductory event for first-semester students at the start of their studies.

Please note: The student counselling service does not provide legally binding information. This is the responsibility of the relevant institutions, in particular the Examination Board, the Examination Office or the Registrar's Office.

Other important contacts are the programme representative Prof. Dr. Frank Neitzel and all lecturers on your degree programme.


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