Institute of Geodesy

Study Geodesy and Geoinformatic Science

By resolution of the committees of TU Berlin, it has been decided to replace the diploma course „Surveying“ by the master program for the research area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In order to be internationally competitive, the english speaking master course „ M. Sc. Geodesy and  Geoinformation Science“ was developed. The first generation of students were matriculated in winter term 2006/2007. Most of them have graduated in 2009 after five semesters - in average.

The master program is addressed to national and international applicants with a former academical degree (i.e. Bachelor, Diploma), who wants to be qualified for leading positions in:

Geo Information Technology
Space Geodesy and Navigation
Engineering Surveying and Estimation Theory
Computer Vision and Remote Sensing

Geodesy and Geoinformation Science