Quantum Communication Systems

Research Projects

Here, we provide informations on our research projects...

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The BMBF joint project aims to develop a completely new type of single photon source at telecom wavelengths. The underlying physical principle is the use of an atomic gas as a photon number-dependent filter. The performance of this new approach will eventually be evaluated for applications in quantum communication.

tubLAN Q.0

The BMBF joint project aims at the development of urban quantum communication networks. To enable both the integration into existing infrastructures and interfaces to external quantum networks, different types of protocols and quantum light sources are developed and combined.

Einstein Research Unit "Quantum Devices"

In the first Einstein Research Unit (ERU) of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA), interdisciplinary research teams from partner institutions in Berlin are working together to explore the potential of digital quantum transformation. The AG Heindel is active in two subprojects and cooperates with scientists from TU Berlin, HU Berlin and FU Berlin.

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The BMBF "Quantum Futur" junior research group project evaluates building blocks of future secure communication systems. For this purpose, high-performance quantum light sources based on semiconductor quantum dots will be developed and assembled into quantum communication systems.