Quantum Communication Systems


The research of our Quantum Communication Systems group focuses on questions of experimental quantum optics. In particular, with our strong application focus, we are advancing photonic quantum technologies to develop secure data networks of the future. We are working on powerful and user-friendly quantum light sources for the generation of single and entangled photons, which allow us to implement quantum cryptographic protocols of varying complexity and eventually scale up to quantum networks. On the following websites you will find information about our research projects, publications as well as our laboratory equipment...

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Research Projects

Heindel group researches on quantum light sources, systems for quantum communication and corresponding protocols, as well as quantum networks. Here we present our projects.


We publish in high ranked scientific journals and contribute to the literature of our discipline through review articles, book chapters, and patents.

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The QuCom-Lab of AG Heindel has the scientific infrastructure to develop and research photonic quantum technologies as well as quantum networks of tomorrow.