Quantum Communication Systems


Master/Bachelor Students

NameThesis TitleYear
Frederik Schröder, M.Sc.Towards Fiber-Coupled Cavity-Enhanced Single-Photon Sources2021
Felix Urban, M.Sc.Development and Analysis of a Receiver Module for BB84 Quantum Key Distribution in the Telecom O-Band2021
Claas Fillies, B.Sc.Numerische Optimierung von Quantenlichtquellen basierend auf zirkularen Bragg-Resonatoren für Emissionswellenlängen im Telekom C-Band2020

External Master/Bachelor Students

NameResearch InstituteThesis TitleYear
Lennart Jehle, M.Sc.Fraunhofer HHIDesign and Characterisation of Photonic Integrated Circuits for Quantum Communication2021

Interns & Exchange Students

Rafał SmolinERASMUS+Poland08/202-10/2022 
Bhavana PanchumarthiDAAD RISEUSA05/202-08/2022 

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