Quantum Communication Systems
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Welcome to Heindel group!
Our research focuses on future secure communication systems - protected by laws of quantum physics
ACS Photonics
Our work on the on-demand generation of indistinguishable photons at telecom C-band wavelengths published at ACS Photonics
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BMBF Joint Project "NetiQueT"
BMBF Joint Project "tubLAN Q.0"
BMBF joint project develops a local area quantum communication network in Berlin

Quantum Communication Systems Group

Welcome to the websites of Heindel group! Our Quantum Communication Systems group is a BMBF-funded Junior Research Group associated with the Institute of Solid State Physics at the Technische Universität Berlin. Under the leadership of Dr. Tobias Heindel we are researching in the field of photonic quantum technologies, building blocks for the quantum internet and secure communication systems of the future - protected by laws of quantum physics! 

For this purpose, we develop so-called quantum light sources together with our cooperation partners, which can generate single or entangled photons at different wavelengths. We research their properties for applications which we test in our laboratory but also in field applications. The quantum technologies we develop focus on quantum emitters embedded in solid state structures (e.g. epitaxial semiconductor quantum dots, 2D materials, etc.). We use the generated non-classical light field states to implement quantum cryptographic protocols that can subsequently be scaled to quantum networks. Have fun exploring our website!

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Heindel group conducts research on experimental quantum optics and photonic quantum technologies for the development of secure data networks of the future.

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Here we keep you up-to-date and collect information about press releases, news articles as well as prizes and awards of our Quantum Communication Systems group. In addition, we keep a diary of important events in our "Group News-Ticker".

About us

Headed by Dr. Tobias Heindel our BMBF-funded Junior Research Group is associated with the Institute of Solid State Physics (IFKP) of the Technische Universität Berlin.

Team Lead

Dr. Tobias Heindel

BMBF Junior Research Group
Insitute of Solid State Physics

Secretariat EW 5-3
Hardenbergstraße 36
10623 Berlin

Office EW 263
Phone: +49 30 314 - 79993