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Lateral Entry with Credit Points from Another Degree Program

Transferring to another degree program

If you were enrolled in another degree program at TU Berlin or another university (Germany or abroad) after your first university degree, you are a lateral entry student. As a lateral entry student you can apply for the first or a higher degree semester. It is only possible to apply for a higher degree semester if you are within the standard period of study and after completion of the first university degree (usually Bachelor).

Please remember that when applying for a higher degree semester in a restricted admission degree program, you will only be admitted if you have been placed in the higher semester by the examination board and there are study places available. As a rule, we can only determine whether there are free places at the beginning of the semester.

What application documents do I need to submit and when?

Refer to the application checklist for master’s studies to see which documents are required for your application. If you are applying as a lateral entry student for a higher degree semester, you must have acquired the necessary credits from the previous semester and have received your placement in a higher degree semester from the relevant examination board.

You should submit the Applications for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits (Parts A and B) as well as proof of all study and examination credits you have thus far acquired to the respective examination board of TU Berlin and request assignment to a degree semester. It can take some time to process your application. We therefore recommend that you contact the examination board promptly in order to ensure that your placement in a degree semester is confirmed. This confirmation must be submitted with your application documents before the application deadline expires.

Please upload the Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits - Part A decided by the examination board together with your remaining application documents within the application deadline via the upload form (direct application) or at uni-assist (application with foreign degree).

Without the subject semester classification by the examination board incl. the signature, your application for a higher subject semester will be rejected for formal reasons. The Graduate Admission does not forward any applications to the examination boards without classification and signature.

The responsible TU Berlin examination office retains your Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits - Part B and the proof of the credits you have acquired thus far. Please do not submit this to Graduate Admissions.

 Degree programs with NCDegree programs without NC
Submit full application bysee application deadlinesee application deadline
Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits - Part A with placement bysee application deadlinesee application deadline

The current application deadlines you can find here.

Where do I apply?

Applicants who have acquired their first university degree at TU Berlin or another german University apply directly to Graduate Admissions at TU Berlin.

Applicants who acquired their degree abroad must apply via uni-assist.


When can I expect a decision?

Places for higher degree semesters are generally allocated at the beginning of the semester (middle of October/middle of April), as we will not know before then if places are available in the corresponding degree programs.


In case of admission, your first university degree must first be recognized by the relevant examination board.

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