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Subject-Specific Admission Requirements

Before applying for a master’s program, be sure to read in advance whether your first university degree fulfills both the general and the subject-specific admission requirements laid out in the relevant application and admission regulations (ZZO) or study and examination regulations (StuPO) for your chosen degree program.

You can find the current StuPo and ZZO on the following page.

Please note that some degree programs may require you to present proof of additional language skills or internships. These further requirements are also laid out in the regulations for each degree program.

Should you have any doubts or questions regarding the content or recognition of your first degree, please contact Course Guidance in the faculties.



General overview of all accepted English certificates with relevant levels

Below you will find a general overview of all English certificates accepted by us with details of the required levels and scores to be achieved. These apply to all Master's programmes that require proof of English language proficiency. Further accepted language certificates can be found on the websites of the faculties.

 Internationally distributedAcademically oriented1Receptive and productive competencesReference to the GER availableStandardised testRecommended score for level B2Recommended score for level C1Website
TOEFL® iBTxxxxx8795 or higherhttps://www.ets.org/toefl/test-takers/ibt/about
TOEFL® ITPxxxxx543 Silver627 or higherhttps://www.ets.org/toefl_itp/about/
Cambridge ExamsxxxxxFirst Certificate in English, mind. BCambridge English Prociency/Cambridge English Advancedhttps://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/first/
IELTS AcademicxxxxxMin. 6,5Min. 7https://www.ielts.org/for-test-takers/test-format
UNIcert® xx Level IIMin. Level IIIhttps://www.unicert-online.org/
DAAD ZEMS language assessment(x)xxx B2 (in all competence areas)C1 (in all competence areas)https://www.zems.tu-berlin.de/sprachgutachten/englisch/
ZEMS English-LV³ xxx B2 (successfully completed with ECTS)C1 (successfully completed with ECTS)https://www.zems.tu-berlin.de/sprachen/englisch/lehrplan_englisch/

1 Items aim at "English for Academic Purposes" and study ability in English (=validity).

2 Does not include an oral examination

3 Successful completion of a course at level B2 or C1

Exempting proofs and qualifications

Other requirements that are recognised are:

  • Abitur certificate: if a GER level for English is given, this is recognised, if not:
    • Abitur, advanced course in English, at least 11/15 points(=C1)
    • Abitur, English taken for at least 7 years, at least 11/15 points5 (=B2)

Further exempting proofs may be determined and checked by the persons responsible for the study programme, if necessary. Examples are: Language of origin, English, English-language school leaving certificate opening access to higher education, etc


4 Average grade of the school-leaving certificate

5 Average grade of the school-leaving certificate

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