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General Admission Requirements

The formal admission requirement for admission to master’s studies is a first university degree (generally a bachelor’s degree) from an accredited university.

Please note:

Examination of your application and the determination whether your first degree fulfills the general admission requirements will not start until you have submitted all required documents. Thus, a current and full academic transcript showing subjects (modules), grades and credits is necessary. We recommend that you also submit or upload a copy of the module descriptions, as this could be helpful to the examination board when reviewing the content of your first degree.

Please submit only officially certified copies of your certificates and transcripts. University certificates with online verification are also accepted. If you apply for a master’s program and do not have a first university degree or ECTS certificate by the application deadline, your application will be rejected as being incomplete.

If you are applying for the master's program in Computational Neuroscience, please read the special regulations about the first university degree on the degree program website.

First university degree (undergraduate degree)

You must provide proof of your undergraduate degree by submitting a transcript of your subjects, grades, and individual credit points by the application deadline. As a rule, this first degree is a bachelor’s, Diplom, Magister, or Staatsexamen (state exam).

Exception for bachelor’s students at a university in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

  • Applicants from universities of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) who can not present a bachelor's degree at the time of application but will soon finish their undergraduate studies, have the possibility to submit an ECTS certificate with all subjects, grades, and credits if the bachelor’s degree follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); this rule only applies to applications for the first degree semester. You must have completed your bachelor's degree to apply for a higher degree semester. Please read the information and requirements regarding the ECTS certificate.

All other applicants, such as bachelor’s students from a non-EHEA university or applicants who have not yet completed their Diplom, Magister, or Staatsexamen, are unable to transition to a master’s program before completion, regardless of whether the degree program uses ECTS. A completed Vordiplom is also not sufficient.

A completed master’s degree is not equivalent to a first university degree (undergraduate degree). As such, it is not possible to apply for a master's program with a completed master’s degree. You must provide proof of a first (undergraduate) university degree .

If you acquired your first university degree from an accredited university of cooperative education in Germany, you must also provide proof of the accreditation with a:

The institution must have already been accredited at the time you acquired your degree.

Dual degree students (with a degree from a German and foreign university)

As a dual degree student (with a degree from a German and foreign university), you can apply with proof from the German and/or foreign partner university: see above "First university degree (undergraduate degree)".

If you want to apply with an ECTS certificate from a German partner university, the foreign university must convert the credits you acquired there to ECTS credits. Neither TU Berlin nor uni-assist will recalculate the credits for you. If the university you are currently attending cannot or does not want to perform the conversion, you must include details of all subjects and grades from your first degree with your application.

Information about universities and degrees in Germany and abroad

Follow the links below for information about universities in Germany and abroad and the degrees they award.

German university:

Foreign university:

University entry for master's applicants with a professional qualification

If you have a professional qualification, you are currently unable to apply for master's studies at TU Berlin. The Berlin State Higher Education Act only permits applicants with a professional qualification to apply for a bachelor’s degree. After completion of a bachelor’s degree, you will have fulfilled the general application requirement for master’s studies. Further information can be found on the following page.

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