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Prospective students with an international higher education entrance qualification

Applicant group B:

Application for the Precourse (a preparatory language course)

Applicant group B are applicants with

  • a direct international university entrance qualification for technical, mathematical and natural science degree programs or economic and social science degree programs and
  • German language skills at proficiency level B2 or higher

Admission to the Precourse

You can apply to the Precourse at the Preparatory School if the (anabin) assessment of your foreign educational certificates has resulted in a direct university entrance qualification for technical, mathematical and natural-scientific degree programs or economic and social science degree programs in Germany.

You also require German language skills at proficiency level B2 (CEFR) or higher.

The Precourse takes one semester and concludes with a language assessment test in German.

You must pay a fee to take the course. Please contact the TU Berlin Preparatory School directly for further information.

Admission test and admission:

Pending your complete and timely application, the Preparatory School will invite you to take an admission test. Sample admission tests can be found on the Preparatory School website.

You will only receive two emails from TU Berlin to create your personal TUB account (tuPORT) after you have passed the admission test and if there are sufficient places in the Preparatory School. The following apps will then be available at your tuPORT:

  • "Notices and certificates": There you will find your letter of acceptance, which you can save and print out yourself. The letter of acceptance will only be available as a download at this app. It will not be sent to you by e-mail or postal mail!
  • "Registration and Re-registration requirements": There you will find an overview of all documents you need to upload for the enrollment.
  • "My account balance": There you will find the amount of the semester to be paid, the reason for payment and the bank details of TU Berlin.

It is in your interest to ensure that you have access to the contact addresses provided (personal/TU email) during the entire process. You are responsible for any errors or missed deadlines caused by incorrect information. Please also check your spam folder!

Intention of studying a master’s degree

Even if you intend to enroll in a master's degree program after the completion of the Precourse, as part of the online application for the Precourse you will still need to apply for a technical, mathematical, natural-scientific, economic or social-scientific undergraduate program (bachelor’s or state examination) via uni-assist.

How to apply?

Registration with hochschulstart.de?

Only nationals of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway applying for a restricted admission degree program (with NC) must register with hochschulstart.de:

  • Before you begin the online application in the “My assist” online portal, please register with hochschulstart.de and create a user account. To do so, please click on “Registrierung".
  • Once you have successfully registered, you will be issued an applicant ID (BID) and a BAN, which you will be required to enter in the “My assist” online portal.
  • Do NOT start any applications on hochschulstart.de!

Online application, number of desired degree programs, handling fees

  • Log on to the “My assist” online portal on the uni-assist website.
  • Select a TU Berlin undergraduate program (bachelor’s or state examination) and enter the first degree semester. Should your chosen degree program only begin in the winter semester and it is, therefore, not possible to select summer semester as the first degree semester, please select the second degree semester.
  • Make sure to answer all the questions in the application carefully. CVs or certificates are not accepted in place of answers in the online application. Inadequate or incomplete information may lead to a rejection.
  • In the section “Fragen zur Hochschule”, indicate that you are applying for admission to the precourse.
  • You may only submit ONE application. If you apply for more undergraduate programs than permitted, only those programs up to the permitted limit will be considered.
  • uni-assist charges handling fees for the pre-check which must be paid before your application can be processed.

Application documents

You can submit your application online exclusively. This means: The following required application documents don’t have to be submitted as hard copies to uni-assist but only in electronic form as PDF files by the end of the respective application deadline:

*) Certificates must always be submitted in the language of the country of origin. Should this not be English or German, a German or English translation of the certificate must also be submitted.

Please note: In certain cases, original documents or officially certified copies have to be presented for enrolment directly to the TU Berlin. This applies specifically to reasoned suspected cases, to random samples as well as to APS certificates in general.

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