Field Course Hydrogeology

Hydrogeological field methods in practice

As part of the module "Experimentelle Hydrogeologie" (experimental hydrogeology), students attend a one-week field course at the end of the summer semester. In this course, students learn the methods, instruments and equipment of practical hydrogeological field work. The focus is on:

  • Handling groundwater monitoring wells
  • Discharge measurements
  • Pumping test
  • Slug&Bail test
  • Sampling of groundwater and surface water
  • Evaluation of climate data (weather stations)

The field course takes place at the hydrogeological test field of the department in Berlin-Hobrechtsfelde (more information). The test site is located near the Buch S-Bahn station (approx. 10 min by bike or 30 min on foot away).

Impressions from the field course in 2022

The study area in the field course, the former "Rieselfelder" (septic drain fields) in Hobrechtsfelde

Surface waters in the study area

Hydrochemical sampling

Location for pumping tests