Bike Excursion in Berlin

In the winter semester, students of the MSc. Geotechnology can discover the capital from the perspective of a hydrogeologist.

Together with a bicycle and Prof. Irina Engelhardt, various waterworks of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe, periglacial lakes and one of Berlin's unique Rieselfelder fields are examined.

The lecture hall moves into nature, allowing the students to experience the hydrogeological system of their university location, which was shaped by the ice ages, by direct example.

The bicycle tour is scheduled for two days, starting at the TU campus and ending on the western bank of the Havel. A total of 25 stops will be made:

1st Day

  1. Nasses Dreieck
  2. Spree
  3. Fürstenbrunner Quelle/Graben
  4. WW Jungfernheide
  5. Murellenteich
  6. Fließwiese Ruhleben
  7. Murellenschlucht
  8. Tiefwerderbrücke
  9. Tiefwerderwiesen
  10. Havelbrunnen
  11. LSG Postfenn
  12. Ökowerk Teufelssee
  13. Sandgruben im Jagen
  14. Waldpfad am Pechsee
  15. Entsalzungsanlage
  16. Barsee
  17. Dahlhemer Feld

End: S-Bahn Station Grunewald

2nd Day

  1. Jagdschloss Grunewald
  2. Krumme Lanke
  3. Schlachtensee
  4. Rehwiese
  5. Nikolassee
  6. WW Beelitzhof  > ferry to Kladow
  7. WW Kladow
  8. Gatower Heide - Rieselfelder

End: S + U Bahn Rathaus Spandau


View of the straightened Spree river. Stop 2 „Spree“

View of Aurochs. Stop 9 „Tiefwerder Wiesen“


Please also use the interactive map on Google-Maps.

Forest and Water Management in Berlin. Stop 12 „Ökowerk Teufelsee“

Diagram of the Water Cycle. Stop „12-14“ Waldpfad