Geotechnology (Master)

Summer semester

Groundwater modeling (lecture)Prof. Dr. EngelhardtTUE 14 - 15BH-N 315
Groundwater modeling (exercise)Prof. Dr. Engelhardt, J. OestreicherTUE 15 - 18CIP Pool
Data analysis in numerical modeling (exercise) D. KnabeTHU 14 - 15BH-N 315
Current and special topics of hydrogeology (lecture)D. KnabeTHU 15 - 18BH-N 315
Field courseProf. Dr. EngelhardtJune and JulyBerlin and Brandenburg

Winter semester

Hydrogeology (lecture)Prof. Dr. EngelhardtTUE 14 - 15BH-N 315
Hydrogeology (exercise)Prof. Dr. Engelhardt, J. OestreicherTUE 15 - 18BH-N 315
Hydrogeochemistry (lecture)D. KnabeTUE 9 - 10BH-N 315
Hydrogeochemistry(exercise)D. KnabeTUE 10 - 13BH-N 315
Scientific working (hydrogeologic project)Prof. Dr. Engelhardt, P. Hepach--

Specialization: Water and environment

ModuleCPType of examinationGradedSemester
Mandatory modules (24 LP)    
Current and special topics in hydrogeology6PortfolioyesSuSe
Groundwater modelling12PortfolioyesSuSe
Elective modules (12 LP)    
Aspects of urban water management planning6oralyesWiSe
Meteorology and Climatology for Environmental Sciences6writtennoWiSe
Petrophysics and borehole geophysics6writtenyesSuSe
Hydrogeology practice6writtennoWiSe/SuSe