Bicycle Excursion from Campus Charlottenburg to Spandau

planned dates: 18.11.22 and 02.12.22

In the winter semester, students of the Master's programme Geotechnology can discover the capital from the perspective of hydrogeology as part of the module "Hydrogeology (MSc1)" (to the module overview).

Together with the bicycle and Prof. Irina Engelhardt, numerous water management and scientifically exciting stops will be made over 2 days between the Charlottenburg campus and the western bank of the Havel.

Excursion to the Friedrichshagen waterworks and Ruhleben sewage treatment plant

planned dates: 18.01.23 and 25.01.23

In the winter semester, students of the Bachelor's degree programme Geotechnology can visit the Friedrichshagen waterworks (18.01.23) and the Ruhleben sewage treatment plant (25.01.23) as part of the module "Fundamentals of Hydrogeology" (german: Grundlagen der Hydrogeologie, module overview).

Field course in Hobrechtsfelde

Our field trip to Hobrechtsfelde (as part of the module "Special Hydrology") is from Oct 11 till Oct 15, 2021. The research area, which is located at the northern border of Berlin, was irrigated with sewage until 1985.

The focus of the field course were discharge measurements, pumping tests, slug-and-bail-tests as well as groundwater sampling. All experiments were done and analysed by the participating students.