Equipment for Hydrogeology

Excellent equipment

Excellent equipment is the basis for scientific precision in the acquisition of measured values.

That is why we use equipment that records the required data with high accuracy. These measured values are the basis for scientific analysis.

Suction pump MP1

Powerful and reliable suction pump for pumping tests, tracer tests, water sampling.


  • Multi-parameter sensor (temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, oxygen, redox), as shown
  • Pressure transducer (RugedTroll100, Eijkelkamp Micro-Diver)
  • Hand-held meters for physicochemical parameters (temperature, elec. conductivity, pH, oxygen, redox)

Distributed Temperature Sensing

  • AP Sensing Linear Pro N4386 control and monitoring unit
  • Ambient temperature monitoring, thermal tracer testing
  • The DTS system monitors the temperature distribution along a fibre optic cable with high precision.


Portable LED photometer with 6 wavelengths for environmental monitoring and extensive water and routine analysis in (mobile) service laboratories.

Mobile flow measurement

Due to the magnetic-inductive measuring principle, the device can also be used where hydrological measuring vanes or Doppler measuring systems reach their limits, e.g. with low flow velocities, heavily weedy waters as well as flowing waters with low suspended sediment content.


High-resolution hydraulic tests, tomographic tracer tests.

The packer system isolates specific borehole depth intervals for targeted sampling and injection. Equipped with the pneumatic slug test head, the system can be used for pneumatic slug testing at selected levels and for hydraulic tomography applications.

Laboratory lysimeter

Here the undisturbed sample is taken for the lysimeter.

This is used to carry out the column test from the unsaturated zone with artificial irrigation.


Permeability measurements on soil samples in the laboratory

Weather station

The weather station with remote data transmission permanently records data on temperature, air pressure, wind speed, relative humidity, soil moisture, solar radiation, precipitation.

The weather station is located near the Hobrechtsfelde experimental site and transmits its recorded data every 6 hours.