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Feedback Instruments

Feedback tools for small courses

According to the evaluation statutes, courses at the Technische Universität Berlin can only be conducted with a minimum of 10 students at the time of the survey.

In order to nevertheless give lecturers the opportunity to reflect on the course offered, exemplary possibilities for this are shown in this area.

Further feedback instruments for small courses can be found on the central pages of the evaluation at the TU Berlin (here, direct access 193513).

Furthermore, we additionally offer the possibility to contact us and discuss individual options for feedback in the course.

Feedback instruments (selection)

The minute paper

This is a short questionnaire with no more than two to three open-ended questions about the event. Alternatively, this format can be used to generate feedback about a single session.

The "Muddiest" Point

This format is a variant of the minute paper. Only one more open question is formulated about the issue that the students have not understood or barely understood.

Mini questionnaire

Analogous to the standardized questionnaires of the teaching evaluation, own concise questionnaires can be created, which use a combination of open questions and scale question

Feedback cards

The feedback cards represent a less formalized option for reflection. Students can formulate positive and negative aspects of the event on different colored cards.

Please note that student participation is voluntary in all cases.

If required, we will be happy to provide you with copy templates for the appropriate format.

For questions and suggestions you can also contact us at the following e-mail address: evaluation@fak1.tu-berlin.de

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