Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences

Information about application deadlines

  • Excursions with faculty subsidy until November 1st. each year for the following year
  • Excursions with departmental funding at any time (late three weeks before the start)
  • Excursions without subsidies at any time (late one week before the start)
  • Research semester: Application by May 1st. or 01.11. for the following semester
  • Investment funds: Application by December 15th. for the following year
  • Teaching assignments: Application by May 31st. or November 30th. for the following semester
  • Module changes: Application must be submitted by the FKR meeting in May or November for the following semester


Applications Excursions

Applications Investments


The faculty allocates an annual budget for investments, i.e. for major purchases that are used to maintain the technical infrastructure of the departments, to carry out research projects or to implement and improve teaching. Investments can be larger individual devices or systems made up of individual components that belong together (indivisible measure).

The faculty's allocation of investment funds is excluded for consumptive expenses (office supplies, etc.) and basic IT equipment for employees (computers, laptops, monitors, etc.).

Applications for investment funds must be submitted via the institute to the dean of Faculty I by December 15th for the coming financial year. The applications should contain a name of the devices or a list of the individual components including cost estimates for each item, as well as a justification for the use and function of the investment and the selection of the provider (no more than one page).
The faculty's ICT committee discusses the applications and prepares a proposal for the distribution of funds for the faculty council.

Note: In budget law, investments are considered to be measures with a total amount of 5,000.00 euros or more, which are billed using the issue titles 81279/81289. Measures that do not reach this level can still be submitted as investment applications, but will not be billed under the investment titles.

Applications Contract Teachers

Applications Studies & Teaching

Applications Personnel