Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences

Education Commission of the faculty I

Meeting Dates

28.02.2023 Zoom
07.03.2023 Zoom

Members of the Education Commission

Members (Members group)Substitutes (Members group)
Prof. Dr. Susann Fegter (HL)N.N. (HL)
Prof. Dr. Anja Schultze-Krumbholz l (HL)N.N. (HL)
Dr. Marcus Funk (aM, stv. Vorsitzender)Dr. Bärbel Mauß (aM)
Anabell Hacker (MTSV)N. N. (MTSV)
Niklas Patzke (St, Vorsitzender)Ribal Zeitouni (St)
Gabriel Tiedje (St)Sina Thomsen (St)
Nils Berliner (St)N.N. (St)
Jessica Sculz (St)N.N. (St)
HL: Professors; aM: scientific employees; MTSV: Employees for technology, service and administration; St: students

The Education Commission is a body at faculty level that advises the Faculty Board on questions relating to studies and teaching.


to be announced

Please contact the chairman of the Education Commissionn: Niklas Patzke.